If you are in an interfaith-love-relationship and hoping for an Interfaith Marriage with Equality, this non-profit forum is for you. Wealth of information is collected; like scriptures, historic perspectives, practical issues, laws governing interfaith marriages and real-life experiences from hundreds of youths just like you. It is hoped that you will have a happy and long lasting married life, even that is an interfaith marriage.


Two Faiths




For Healthy Marriage

InterfaithShaadi.org is a non-profit organization and has no religious affiliation. Further, we are not for- or against- interfaith marriages, however we strongly believe you should make fully “informed” decision before getting too deep into an interfaith relationship. Information collected here will help you.

Introduction Of The Book: Interfaith Marriage

This book is written to promote interfaith marriage with equality. It highlights complexities of interfaith relationships for the benefit of interfaith couples and their parents. Using interfaith marriages as a tool, the author wishes to promote religious pluralism and tolerance in this world.


About Author

Dr. Amin founded a Forum for Interfaith Marriage with Equality (InterfaithShaadi.org) in 2009 where he guided more than 1200 youths in their interfaith love relationship issues.

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